Friday, June 17, 2011

ContactClip 2.0.1 is released

We have released a small update to fix the in-app purchase problems in version 2.0.  The in-app purchase may take a few hours to fully travel through the Apple universe, so if you get a message saying it is unavailable, try again in a few hours.  Thanks for your patience through this.  Apparently we are not the only group to have issues with in-app purchases.


  1. Great app, thanks!

    A version set for iPhone 5 screen size would be nice.

  2. I just bought the pro version for the auto insertion but it doesn't appear to work, and also doesn't show SMS as an option anyway? It's the only reason I bought the paid version? Please advise? Running ios7.0.4 on a 4s.

  3. Hello again - any chance of a chip in from the devs, re. my post? Thanks.