Friday, June 17, 2011

ContactClip 2.0.1 is released

We have released a small update to fix the in-app purchase problems in version 2.0.  The in-app purchase may take a few hours to fully travel through the Apple universe, so if you get a message saying it is unavailable, try again in a few hours.  Thanks for your patience through this.  Apparently we are not the only group to have issues with in-app purchases.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ContactClip 2.0 Approved! But...

Happily, ContactClip 2.0 is LIVE worldwide on the App Store!  We hope you enjoy our upgraded product.  As for ContactClip Pro, there was apparently an issue with our implementation of Apple's in-app purchase and ContactClip Pro cannot currently be purchased.  We hope you will be patient while we get this resolved just as soon as Apple will approve our mini bug fix.  Thank you in advance!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finally! ContactClip 2.0 is Waiting for Review with Apple

We are very excited to bring you our latest announcements:

First, ContactClip is now being developed and published by Dohickee LLC.  This organizational shift means increased focus on our product and future developments.

Second, after a lengthy delay, ContactClip 2.0 is ready and waiting for review with Apple.  ContactClip 2.0 includes bug fixes and a switch to the iAd network, but of greater relevance to our users, adds the upgrade to ContactClip Pro: a $0.99 in-app purchase that --

  • disables ads, 
  • enables font and color selection for clipped contact information, and 
  • automatically pastes the clipped information into the text or e-mail!
ContactClip Pro introduces some requested features, as well as a goodie or two that we thought you would like.  ContactClip Pro will also be updated to include additional features in the future.

Thanks for hanging with us, and we will be back to let you know when 2.0 is approved and ready for download!